Little Bird’s song

Have you ever woken up to the quite chirping of the birds outside and not┬ábecause of your alarm. Here’s a song for those days when I used to wake up and watch the sun rise up in the sky. The bird’s song was my alarm then…

Bird flying away

You used to sit by my window sill
And sing that happy song
With your gentle voice
You used to tell me
“Wake up little girl”
The sun is high
Its time for another bright day
Your song used fill my heart with joy
Oh little bird,
Where are you now?

You used to sit by the tree and bid goodbye
As the school bells rang
But now all I hear is my alarm ring
Or that car zoom by
Where are your brothers?
Where are your sisters?
Where did you go?
You never said goodbye
Oh little bird,
Where are you now?

I had always woken up listening to the birds sing their song in the morning. As the years passed and more and more people could afford cars, the number of birds in the surrounding area has drastically fallen. Even more with the advent of the cell phone era. I hardly see any birds anymore, let alone listen to their songs.

This post is in response to Blogging the Senses

* Featured image source is from pixabay


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