A Piece of Advice

It’s funny how some advises stick to your mind. You learn to follow them unconsciously after a certain period. One advice I remember came from a very different source – the tag line of an advertisement. My friends and I had an argument of how to interpret the meaning. It is in Hindi but it loosely translates as such

There is victory ahead of fear.

I always interpreted this as “Only if you overcome your fear, you can achieve your goals”. This advice has always helped me when I have been nervous or afraid. I am not a very good orator and I remember saying this over and over in my mind just before I was forced to speak in front of a huge crowd in school. I sweating buckets just before I went on the stage, repeating these words in my mind. As it turned out, I had done decent job on my speech. My teacher even gave me a thumbs up after I had finished. I haven’t been as afraid of public speaking since then and have always repeated the same words in my mind every time I am challenged with an onerous task. It has always calmed me down a lot and helped me wade through difficult situations.

This post is in response to Daily Post Discover Challenge- A Piece of Advice


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