Hey there,

I am Arya. I am a software engineer(though the 10-year-old me would be ashamed of the present me, for the 10 year old me never would have chosen a career which involved sitting in one place for long time). To my surprise I have no regrets of straying away from my childhood fantasies and choosing this career path. I quite enjoy my work.

I think of myself as an ordinary girl expect for a few weird tendencies of course. I love to protect my personal space and hate people who try to invade it. Kind of like Sheldon Cooper(but thankfully my case is just about 5% of his). This means I don’t particularly enjoy being hugged or kissed unnecessarily. My mother says that I was born like this, though I am not sure how that is possible. I like to be as independent as possible. I think that the invention of phones is one evil thing that happened to human kind. It has successfully made sure that I will not be granted the gift of silence for even a few minutes in a day (There is always someone messaging). It’s quite irritating sometimes.

I also love to write and hence started this blog (I was quite afraid that my writing skills would become dormant if I didn’t). I am sometimes a bookworm too. The mania comes and goes in bursts. I never found out the reason for this…

Well, That’s me in short, you will find a lot more about this crazy girl if you read this blog. I hope to write many more stories about me, my close ones and on topics that interest me. Keep reading for more 🙂


10 thoughts on “About

  1. hello, dear Arya!
    it’s good to find you and connected with you 🙂
    have a great time ahead.
    I’m following you now.

    love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂


      1. I just found a way out to folllow you. I think you still have to set your blog in such a way that people can see the follow button on your blog. In that way you won’t lose people who will like to follow your blog.


  2. Welcome to the WordPress Blog Community. Go forth now and unstick those chords and strike out anew. There are some bloggers here that neither turn out a lot of posted entries nor want to run a “grand central” busy publicly open blog.


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