Why I started this Blog?

This is a difficult question to answer. I am not a very outspoken girl and I take time to make friends. Even then it takes me some time to be able to speak freely. I have also always wanted to improve my writing skills and thought of keeping a diary. But a diary is something that is very personal and something that should not be shared with others. My friends then gave me the idea of starting a blog and how they had found good friends and like minded people here. That’s when I decided to start one. I started this blog to tell my journey and about things that matter the most to me. About experiences that have made a difference and would help others do the same. I hope to write and meet new people here. I tried my hand at posting regularly and had to drop off in between because of many reasons. I have made up mind to start this journey off again and lets hope this time I will be able blog regularly. And maybe by this time next year I would have enough posts of my own and have met a lot of the awesome people out there 🙂