On sisterly love

I recently went out to meet a friend. She has two kids, a girl about the age of 2 and a boy about 6 months. After a quick round of “hello”‘s and “how are you?”‘s, we went to see the kids. Soon we started playing with the kids, which of course, included the affectionate pinch of the kids cheeks.

It seemed like a typical weekend out with my friends and their kids having fun. Well it was until the girl started to scream. We all tried to calm her down unsuccessfully. We didn’t realize what was wrong as none of us had actually done anything to scare or hurt the little girl. She did calm down once we put the kids down in their beds and left the room. But we all did wonder what we had done for the little girl to react so strongly. She immediately calmed down as soon as we put her little brother down next to her.

A few days later, we went back to our friends place. We soon realized that the little girl was not happy seeing us. As soon as she spied us through the door, she ran away to the other room where her brother was asleep. A few minutes later she came back and started playing normally. Her mother told us that she had started to behave as such, when visitors came by their house.

We then went to meet the little boy and started playing. When his sister realized that we were no longer in the drawing-room and had gone out to the garden with her brother, she ran toward us.

The little girl glared at us and commanded “Don’t pinch cheek”.

It was so adorable that we couldn’t help but laugh. It was only after we had calmed down, did we realize that the boy didn’t entirely like us pinching his cheeks and was uncomfortable with it. The little girl had noticed this when their mother had been so oblivious to this trivial fact.

Brother and Sister.
Photo Courtesy : Pixabay

It made me realize the girl’s love for her brother was so natural and pure. She loved this little boy who didn’t know how to walk, talk or even play with her. She cared for him so much that his discomfort had made her cry. She had become so protective that she had tried to hide him in his bed, where she taught he would be safe and happy.

Such small acts of love often leave us breathless and make us wonder where this natural instinct to protect and love comes from. It certainly was a very insightful day for me as I went home remembering about my own little brother and those little things he had done for me and the other way around.